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Mantrap MT-LDA

The Kouba Basic Interlocking Door Control System (MT-L Series) will integrate with any electronic access control system including older or legacy control systems.

The MT-L Series monitors 2 door position switches, and 2 request to unlock signals from the access control system to control and annunciate the status of 2 interlocking doors. Only one door may be unlocked or open at the same time. The mantrap will not unlock a door if the other door is open, or if an alarm condition exists. The interlock alarm relay opens if both doors are open at the same time.

Lock output relays control the locks, display plates with a local audible alarm indicate system status to the persons using the system, and alarm relays communicate system status to the security control center. The Warning Alarm feature reduces nuisance alarms by sounding a local alarm a few seconds before a Door Held Alarm.


• Interlocking Lock Control Relays
• Access Delay
• Warning Alarm Delay
• Door Held Alarm
• Forced Door Alarm
• Interlock Alarm Relay Output
• Interlock System Bypass Input

• Local Audible Alarm
• Optional Supervised Door Contact Monitoring
• Alarm Automatic Reset Delay
• May use card readers or biometrics
• Field Adjustable Time Delays
• Optional Remote Annunciation and Control Panel
• Single Gang Display / Sounder Plates


MANTRAP READY- Both doors are closed, no alarm condition exists, the RED LED’s on display are on.

REQUEST TO UNLOCK - An Access Control System uses card readers or biometric readers to grant access to persons using the mantrap. The ACS generates a Request To Unlock (RTU) relay contact to the LDA-IDC when a valid card or biometric is read. The LDA-IDC will unlock the door associated with the reader if the other door is not unlocked or open, and no alarm condition exists. The ACS sets the unlock time. The lock output relay will follow this input.

ACCESS GRANTED – When an RTU is received and the LDA-IDC unlocks the door, the display at the unlocked door will turn GREEN, and the display at the other door will remain RED.

DOOR OPEN – While a door is open, the other door is locked, LDA-IDC will not accept an RTU, and the display associated with the other door are RED.

ACCESS DELAY – When a door is opened, the access delay starts. This delay is the amount of time that the door may be open before starting the LOCAL WARNING ALARM. Adjustable 0 – 75 seconds.

LOCAL WARNING ALARM – When a door is held open past the access delay, then a local audible alarm beeps to encourage persons using the mantrap to close the door and prevent a nuisance alarm. Adjustable 0 – 75 seconds.

DOOR HELD ALARM – If a door is held open past the warning delay, then the local audible alarm is on, and the alarm relay is active.

FORCED DOOR ALARM – If a door is opened without first presenting a valid RTU, then the local audible is turned on and the alarm relay is activated.

INTERLOCK ALARM – If both doors are opened at the same time, then the audible alarm is on, and the alarm relay is active.

SUPERVISION ALARM – If either door input is cut or shorted, then the audible alarm is on, and the alarm relay is active. Closed = 1 K Ohm, Open = 2 K Ohm, Short or cut = supervision fault. Door supervision may be disabled with an on board jumper.

DOUBLE VERIFICATION PASSAGE – Card and/or Biometric readers are located on both sides of each door. A valid read must be presented at each reader and the ACS activates an RTU for every time each door is to be opened. A Request To Exit pushbutton may be used inside the mantrap instead of a reader.

SYSTEM BYPASS – The BYPASS input may be activated to override the interlock or reset an alarm. If an alarm condition exists when the BYPASS is activated, then the alarm is reset. The doors remain locked. Any RTU presented will unlock the door associated with the reader. The doors are not interlocked, and both doors may be unlocked and/or opened at the same time.

Lock Control Relays – DPDT relay with an integrated LED that turns on when the relay is active. The relay activates when an RTU is presented and all other interlocked doors are closed and secured, or if the RTU is presented when the system is in BYPASS.

Alarm Automatic Reset – The system automatically resets an alarm after the doors are closed. Adjustable 0 – 75 seconds. The automatic reset feature may be disabled through the on board jumper..

System Status Displays – Single gang indicator plates with LED’s to indicate system status to persons using the mantrap are mounted adjacent to the readers. The RED LED is on when the unit is ready. The GREEN LED is on when access is granted. The LED’s flash when the other door is unlocked or open.

Audible Alarm – a sounder located on the display plates is activated when the unit is in alarm.
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