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Outdoor Rated Door Alarm 
LDA9620 Series

The 9620 Series Local Door Alarm (LDA) monitors door contacts, motion sensors, and access control devices such as card reader systems or keypads to determine and annunciate the status of a controlled outside door or gate. A sounder alerts area personnel of a door control violation, and the building alarm system is notified with alarm relay contacts. The Warning Alarm feature reduces nuisance alarms by sounding a local alarm a few seconds before a Door Held Alarm.

Model Shown: LDA9623
Outdoor Rated Door Alarm w/ Mortise Cylinder Bracket

Standard Features

  • Outdoor Rated
  • Local Warning Alarm
  • Door Held Alarm
  • Forced Door Alarm
  • Supervised Door Contact Monitoring
  • Remote Alarm Bypass
  • Request to Exit
  • Request to Enter
  • Adjustable Time Delays
  • Automatic Alarm Reset Delay
  • Access and Secure LED's
  • Wall or Gate Post Mounting
  • Mortise Cylinder Bracket
  • Available Models:
      LDA9621 - No Key Switch
      LDA9622 - C&K Key Switch
      LDA9623 - Mortise Cylinder Bracket

The Local Door Alarm is designed to complement most access control systems by providing local audible warning and alarm signals to alert area personnel of a door violation, and communicate alarm status to the access control system. The Local Door Alarm can also be used as a Stand Alone Alarm.

Technical Specifications

Power 12-24 VAC/VDC@ 250 ma. max.
Inputs 1 Normally Closed Fully supervised door input. (1 Kohm = closed, 2 Kohm = open, else = supervision fault). Supervision monitoring may be disabled at installation.

3 Access Control inputs: Remote N/O alarm bypass, N/O or N/C request to exit shunt, and fail safe or fail secure lock voltage monitoring (12 - 24 VAC/VDC).

Outputs 1 Normally Closed Entry Alarm Relay rated @ 1/2 A. Opens with forced door alarm or door held alarm after lock voltage shunt.

1 Normally Closed Bypass Status Relay rated @ 1/2 A. Opens when bypassed with key switch or remote bypass.

Alarm sounder @ 105 dB at 4 inches. Pulsing tones indicate warning alarm, and constant tone indicates door violation alarm.

Green LED indicates access mode, Red indicates armed.

Time Delays Access delay - adj. 0 - 60 sec. Shunts the alarm function for the duration of the delay
Warning delay - adj. 0 - 60 sec. Sets the duration of the warning alarm.
Alarm automatic reset delay - adj. 0 - 60 sec. Sets the duration of an alarm if the automatic reset feature is enabled.
Field Options Forced door alarm disable.
Supervision monitoring disable.
N/O or N/C request to exit monitoring.
Fail safe or fail secure lock voltage monitoring.
Alarm automatic reset disable.
Key switch Model 9621 - No key switch
Model 9622 - C&K key switch: maintained 2 position with SPDT output
Model 9623 - Mortise cylinder bracket: maintained 2 position with SPDT output
Mounting 7" x 7" x 3 1/2" sealed box with 7/8" wire access hole for 3/4" conduit.  Wall mounting brackets, post mounting brackets, and hardware included.
Terminal Strips Fixed Terminal strips accept up to 16 AWG wires.
Temp. Rating Rated to withstand temperatures from -22 F to 140 F
Local Door Alarm Operation Options
Add the designated suffix to the end of the model number for these operational features.
BP Standard Operation as noted on the specification sheet. RE1- N/C Entry Alarm, RE2-N/C Exit Alarm
INT Same operation as noted on the specification sheet except for relay operation. RE-N/C Forced Door Alarm, RE2- Door Held Alarm
HS5 For use at Card in/ Card Out doors while allowing free exit during emergencies. Lock Voltage Shunt Input resets an alarm. Refer to HS5 Application note. RE1- N/C Forced Door and Door Held Alarm, RE2-N/C Delayed Forced Door Alarm- remains Closed until 20 seconds after a forced door alarm to allow time to reset alarm prior to transmitting An alarm to the monitoring system.
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