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Model MT-2MR


The Two Man Rule System controls personnel into sensitive areas where a minimum of two people are required at all times.  This is accomplished through the use of LCD displays that step individuals through the proper procedure for entering the sensitive area while the dual credential verification ensures that the individuals have actually entered the secured area.



Two people are required to present their access credentials to the card reader.  When access has been granted, the door unlocks and the individuals are prompted to enter and close the door.  Upon door closure the unit prompts the individuals to present their access credentials to the exit readers (interior readers) before entry to the secured area is permitted.  

After two people have been admitted into the secured area, additional individuals are allowed to enter but still must verify entry.  The system monitors the number of persons in the secured area and displays the occupancy total on the LCD units.

Exiting the secured area is controlled in the same manner as entering except the process is reversed.  If three or more people are in the secured area, single exits are allowed but still require each individual to present their access credentials to the entry reader (exterior reader).  Once the occupancy total within the secured area reaches two, both individuals must use the exit reader before the door unlocks.  The door must be closed and then verification from both individuals is required on the entry reader.

If at any time verification is not completed, the unit will activate a verification violation alarm.  Alarms can only be reset through the bypass key switch.

The motion sensor is active when the secured area is vacant.  If motion occurs, the unit activates an unauthorized presence alarm.

The door held open alarm activates if the door is propped during an entry or exit sequence.  

The door forced open alarm activates if the door is opened without providing valid access credentials.

The LCD displays can be used to adjust the delays associated with the entry and exit sequences but can only be accessed when the system is in bypass.



Power: 24VDC @ 1.5 Amps
Inputs: 4 card reader input capability – 2 entry readers and 2 exit readers
Door Contact
Motion Sensor
Key Switch
N/O or N/C motion sensor set up
Outputs: Form C relays rated 7 Amps @ 30VDC
Unauthorized Presence Alarm
Door Forced Open Alarm
Door Held Open Alarm
Verification Violation Alarm
Lock Control
80 dB Buzzer
Two Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD’s) with real time messaging
Text Messages: Verify Tmr = __ _ _ s
Access Tmr = __ __ s
Door Opn Tmr = __ __ __ s
Authen. Tmr = __ __ s
Present 2nd Badge
Access Grntd Proceed
Please Close Door
Please Authenticate
Occupancy = __ __
Unauth. Presence Alm
Door Forced Open Alm
Door Held Open Alm
Authen. Violation Alarm
Vacate The Room
Notify Security
Armed in __ __ s
Dimensions: LCD Display (4 lines X 20 characters each): 7.418”W x 5.00” H
Display Back Box: 4” H x 6 ” W x 3 ” D
PLC: 10 ” W x 13 H”
Mounting: LCD flush or surface mounts to wall with display back box
PLC can mount in a 12” x 16” x 8" NEMA-rated electrical enclosure
Bypass key switch w/LED’s mounts in 2 Gang, 2 inch deep electrical box
Download Product Data Sheet (PDF)